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Why Georgia might be your next destination!

Feb 18, 2021

When measuring up the world’s top wine producing regions, Georgia doesn’t usually come to mind but it should. Georgia is the birthplace of wine, where winemaking began around the fi fth millennium BC.

From the Georgian language, the word “wine” spread to other European languages. Georgia is the only country in the world where wine is kept in clay vessels called “Qvevri”. This ancient method of wine making and storage is inscribed on the UNESCO list of cultural treasures. The Kakheti region is regarded as the wine capital of Georgia and is a “must visit”, especially for wine lovers.

Château Svanidze, located in Signagi – one of the world`s most romantic towns in the world, offers a rare opportunity to experience the fascinating centuries-old wine history of Georgia. Château Svanidze is well-hidden from the road and opens up into a nice little oasis as soon as you walk through the entryway from the parking lot onto the lawn.

Here, you will be offered a chance to unwind in the privacy of the Château Svanidze with incredible views over the snowcapped Caucasus Mountain range. From this exclusive retreat among astonishing natural beauty, you can enjoy local wines and experience the Kakheti region at its opulent best.